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Make Use The Helicoil Kit For All Threads Repair Needs

The study of mechanical engineering has a wide range of application in human life. No other technology or science however advance they may be, can not survive without any mechanical things. But most of us do not realize this fact until we miss its presence. Every item we use in our daily life at home or workplace is a product of mechanical engineering.

Study of mechanical does not restrict to automobile and other key areas, but goes beyond our imagination. One such thing in this vast area is the popular Helicoil Kit, which forms a cluster of tools for repairing the mechanical threads made of metals, polymers etc. With such kit one can easily find a solution to repair any worn out or damaged threads of all sizes.

Weaker Becomes Stronger With Helicoil Kit

It is interesting to know the exact purpose of the Helicoil Kit, considering the simplicity of the tools seen in the kit. For a lay man, the parts in the kit look few metal pieces. But to a mechanical engineer, it is a master piece of engineering. For a metallurgist the Helical Kit may look like  a giant  piece work at various temperatures in the internal combustion engines used in the automobiles. By adding the metal inserts from the Helicoil Kit, even the weaker metals becomes stronger as the threads are made in stainless steel.

Parts in the Helicoil Kit And Thier Benefits

Generally the Helicoil Kit comes in different size and shaped as per the applications. Also the threads called inserts are made in different materials as used by the designers in many areas. Each Helicoil Kit consists of different parts like inserts of various lengths, drill bit, installation tool and so on. Some of the kits have the tang breaking tool for repairing the damaged threads with ease. The overall size of the Helicoil Kit varies in different metric ranges from M14 to M36.

The main part in the kit is the thread inserts, which are made of clod stainless steel. These threads are cold rolled with cross section made in diamond that gives the strength to the insert .Such threads are used in replacing the damaged threads in engines, boilers, and other internal combustion products. In some of the applications, the Helicoil Kit may have additional threads called as self locking inserts, which does not need any tool to fix it and can be fixed easily by hand.

Being the key part in the Helicoil Kit, the threads play an important function by safeguarding and strengthening the tapped or damaged threads of all the materials. The insertion of the threads is effectively used in stronger assemblies to avoid any thread wear after the repair. This action saves a huge cost of down time maintenance. As these threads from the Helicoil Kit are made by materials that have high corrosion resistance.

Every part of the Helicoil Kit has passed a very stringent quality tests for maximum and efficient performance. Hence the reliability of the inserts used in various kits have a high reliability, assuring the integrity of the great product design.

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